Updated: May 3, 2018

Fashion, my true passion. Finally doing exactly what I love. This day was the funniest most exciting day of 2018 for sure.

I have to make sure my models are perfect.

My girls, I mean my personal life-size Barbies, look amazing. But let's get into this day...

I began my day at 6:30 am. Planning to meet my team as a whole for the first time at 10 am in Tuscaloosa, AL. Two hours away from home. The drive was quick, I was anxious.

We set up our studio in a super cute studio apartment.

My beautiful models were both late and I didn't mind, gave me non-panicky time, to re-steam all my clothing before the shoot and visit the construction site where we would be shooting at later that day. I set the girls up with muffins, fruit cups and water later accompanied by pizza.

Austen (Insta: thechampagnechair) beat my girls faces before we began flashing the camera. These two, Victoria and Daryn, are pure naturals behind the camera. I was shouting at them the whole time about how good they looked. "YASSSSSSS" was said more then 20 times on this day. I literally can not wait to dress them up again!

beat by INSTA: the champagnechair

After a few bumps (our camera dying/completely forgetting camera equipment) we headed to the construction site. Thank you Brittany (over at for this iconic location. Iconic, because it's my first Look book shoot and I've made history in my life. I'm new to shooting look books so I was beyond hype to land a location this dope.

So we pull up at the spot and my girl Daryn, looks at this beast of machine, hops on the tire, squats and just like that we have our first shot. It was nothing but heat there after... it's like every shot with these two are gold. So of course (as I already planned) these are my permanent models and I hope for us to all grow together.

I had NO clue what I was doing OR where I was going with this whole "festival on a construction site" vibe we had going on. But God pointed it all out 24 hours after the shoot.... "NO LONGER UNDER CONSTRUCTION" because my site, my dream is no longer under construction... we are in a new chapter and I am so glad to take you all with me!

HUGE THANKS TO MY MODELS FOR BEING MY LIFE SIZED BARBIES AND MAKING THIS DAY THE ABSOLUTE BEST! You two really let me do what I love and made me realize HOW much I love doing this. Thank you again! WE ARE RISING TOGETHER!

@Daryn | Insta: daryn.dh

@Victoria | Insta: llightbulb

@Austen | Insta: thechampagnechair

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