Misplacing an entire box of accessories... the problems you may have during the start up of a business. This is an issue I had when moving from Huntsville to Indianapolis.

Moving while having a home based business was one of the most challenging things ever. I had to put a pause on promotions because I didn't want to get too many orders or have incorrect (lost) inventory. Running a business is hard (& easy), time consuming but worth it! So if you're wondering where has been... never went on hiatus. Gratefully I still received orders but the promotion part was on a small pause, but now we are back! And ready for fall..

Now fall is here and it's time to have a MAJOR sale! Like who's buying yellow in October? Amped for sweaters, cardigans, stretchy denim and classy dresses is selling all the entire summer collection at 50% off. USE CODE: SUMMERSOVER to take advantage!

We also have to build an entire new team of models to continue help brand if you are interested in modeling and you are in the Indianapolis are, shoot us a DM on any social media platform or e-mail:

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