Blessed Mama

Sometimes we forget, how genuinely blessed we are. The gifts we have, the talents we posse, the knowledge we've earned, the exploring we've accomplished and all the teaching we have done.

Mother's are creatures. A different breed. Special. Rare. You only get ONE Mother.

Hey, Mom!

What are your focuses in life? Are you making yourself proud? Do you have a social life?

Mom's forget to indulge in their selves all the time. We have to remember to feed our souls too. Nourish your minds and bodies as well, Mamas! We have been blessed so we can be a blessing.

If you are a Mama, I want you to stop and begin to realize how blessed you are throughout your day EVERY day. Do it intentionally. You can be blessed for anything and everything! A car to drive, legs to walk, kids to hug, kids to scream, family to love!

Pass along a hug this Mother's Day to every Mom you know!


Pia Lashay

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