New Direction.

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

The last time you visited Pia Lashay more than likely it was solely for shopping purposes. Owning a boutique is something I've always wanted to do and I'm doing it but this was just a start up point...

Pia Lashay is me. Who I am. So let's go back a little to get the full story or at least a little better understanding...

In Middle School, I begin to blog with my best friend, we would blog and create videos and it was almost a secret until we got to high school and everyone found a YouTube video we did. It was legendary (imitating the football team).

What I'm getting at is blogging is another passion of mine. Something I take seriously, its relaxing, therapeutic, insightful.

Fashion is a passion. I love predicting trends. Creating outfits not just for me but for everyone, even mannequins.

YouTube is a passion. Connecting with people (especially on the Mom level) and giving my kids something to look back at, my grandkids, my great-grand kids. Something is special about it. They'll always have a perception of me.

Helping people is a passion of mines as well. My heart is pure and I've always wanted to give, give, give. Even not having much extra of my own I find a way to give every month - if not weekly, to someone OUTSIDE of my circle and IN my circle as well. That's important to me.

My concern became how can I make them all collide? Become one? And not seem so estranged? Like 5 different worlds... I've decided to take my website Pia Lashay from a website that was mainly for shopping, to me - a website to find all things correlated to Pia.

So I've added a link to my YouTube channel which I began doing in 2016. Here it is:

My blog is also something I started very young. I always go back to it so I've decided to never let it go. It's tranquility in blogging. I have two blogs. And I haven't decided if: will be Mommy content only or if I'll merge THE VAULT and that one together... (for my bloggers, they are on two different platforms that's why the decision is so hard.)

I want to thank everyone for following AND SUPPORTING me on this journey. Be sure to continue to shop in the shopping section, check out the YouTube videos and read the blog(s)! Very soon you will see why Pia Lashay has become a host for all things Pia instead of just focusing on shopping...

I will be presenting (hopefully in the very near future) giveaways, volunteer works and ways we can all help our community!

XOX, Pia Lashay

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