The Meaning Behind "Spring Cleaning"

Oh my, I love shooting Look-books and being creative, being behind the lens, behind the brush and putting all the looks together. It's so much fun and such a beautiful process!!

It's truly my passion. The creativity and love that goes into making it all come together is rejuvenating.

The thought behind "Spring Cleaning" is out with the old and in with the new. Have that mindset, all the time, not with just clothes. It's really good to always "upgrade" yourself in every way.

Here @ one can always find that statement item or outfit. We take pride in finding cute, comfy and classy clothing. Unique pieces to take with you to the Bahamas, Fuji, Thailand or a casual brunch with friends. We want you to fit in, while standing out by putting statement pieces at your finger tips.

So go ahead... take a bag of clothes to goodwill, pass them over to a relative. And treat yourself to something from

And don't forget, to always Thank God for another day.

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